"Smokin' the Competition"
High Quality BBQ Smokers for Any Level of Expertise

Welcome to the home of the Backwoods Smoker, where we've been smoking the competition for over 25 years!

The Pellet Chef

Backwoods Pellet Chef Grill


Let the Backwoods Chubby do the dirty work.

G2 Chubby

The G2 Chubby – our new generation


Some call the Party the perfect cooker

Extended Party

Just a little extra – the Extended Party

G2 Party

G2 Party is a Generation above all other smokers...

The Fatboy

There ain’t NUTHIN wrong with bein’ FAT

G2 Fatboy

This is what everyone has been asking for

The Competitor

The perfect cooker model for smoking the competition!

G2 Competitor

This is what everyone has been asking for

The Professional

Sometimes you need to call in a Professional

The Pro Junior

A Chip off the ol’ Block

The Piglet

This Little Piggy Wants to Go to the Royal

Piglet Plus

Talk about a hot Piggy!

The Competition Hog

Get High on the Hog!

The Pro Competition Hog

Pro Competition Hog is for the Pros

The Whole Hog

This is the REAL Boss Hog!